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Jarret Schecter in his latest book draws from several of his previous published projects, bringing them together under this theme of ‘Anonymity’, with images from his travels all over the world.
Alone or in a crowd in either a modern or a primitive context, the word anonymity is associated with both freedom and anxiety. It is both loved and hated, with a symbiotic tension within the concept of recognition.

Being so close and omnipresent we paradoxically are rarely directly self-conscious of our own anonymity. However, as a source of both art and anxiety, we are often conscious of seeing the anonymity of others, which eerily and somehow largely unwittingly, resembles our own.

Uncannily, ‘anonymity’ is never alone, as it must be accompanied by actor and context. The following photographs are about the relationship between anonymity, actor and context, but perhaps even more, it is about the reciprocal relationship between perceiver and the perceived.
ISBN: 978-1-907112-26-3
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Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Illustrations: 60 colour
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In 1990 Jarret Schecter purchased a Pentax camera. Since then he has traveled the world. Committed to socio-political issues, Schecter believes that photography can bring awareness to social injustices the world faces today. Schecter, born in 1963, lives in New York City.
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