Group Show
Curated by Tracey EminThu 09 Jun 2005 - Sat 09 Jul 2005
Group Show was curated by Tracey Emin, a show of the people that help her with her work everyday in her studio - her 7 assistants.
Group Show was curated by Tracey Emin, a show of the people that help her with her work everyday in her studio - her 7 assistants.

"Every day in my studio, I have people who help me make my art. Now here is a chance for you to see theirs." Tracey Emin 2005. This group show brings together the work of the assistants of Tracey, themselves artists in their own rights. Six girls, one guy, painters, photographers and sculptors - their art in a show curated by Tracey herself.

Joe Walsh has been working with photography for over ten years; he also looks after Docket, Tracey's cat. He showed a slide show, a large-scale print and a short film he made the previous summer.

Kelly Burwitz's work is based on documents. Her great-grandmother was a Romany gypsy, so never even had a birth certificate. Kelly's work focusses on documents and things we keep to remember moments in our lives, from the unofficial to the official. She has worked with Tracey since 1997, when she came for one weeks work experience.

Baccara Smart's work relates to her father and how he used to train elephants. She worked with Tracey from April-December 2004, when her father became critically ill with cancer, and she left to look after him.

Laura Hough's work for the show 'Intermission' explores the transference of shared sensation, meeting in the space between, "the constant struggle for ek-stacy." Alex Hill is a recent graduate from Glasgow School of Art and sews for Tracey. He produced 'Landscape'. A piece of green pepper fell Off a wooden salad bowl So what? - Richard Braughtigan.

At the time of the exhibition Celia Kinchington was working on a series of simple landscapes under the title 'looking for a view'. The work 'Untitled' was the first in this series and it happened after a period of producing chaotic landscape collages. "This purging seems to have allowed a calm to filter into my life."

Kristen Lovelock showed 'Dirty white girl sleepin' on dirty white sheets ain't seen her dirty white boy for over 36 weeks'. The title of the work comes from a song her ex-boyfriend wrote about her when he was in prison in Reno. "We were a mess back then, but I cleaned my life up after we broke up. In January 2004 I started working as a sewer for Tracey, and she has been a terrific inspiration to me. I have continued to make my work. Tracey's working strategies have been informative to watch as her art making process is very distinct. Working for Tracey has been invaluable to me as it has helped demystify the phenomenon of art making and encouraged me to trust in my own convictions."
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