The First Ten Years of Trolley BooksFri 18 Jan 2013 - Sun 27 Jan 2013
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Since they were founded in 2001, Trolley Books has been highly regarded as a maverick independent publisher of photography, reportage, contemporary art and recently, literature. Trolley’s founder Gigi Giannuzzi is a well-known figure in the publishing and photographic industries for his original and dynamic approach to photobook publishing as well as his unrelenting support of photographers and important but underexposed stories. In a shock to the photography and publishing worlds he was diagnosed with cancer last year and passed away on Christmas Eve. Shortly before he died work began on a new book TROLLEYOLOGY, a look at the story behind Gigi and Trolley, which also will mark their first decade in publishing. This exhibition serves as an introduction to TROLLEYOLOGY, as well as a celebration of the man behind it all, Gigi. It presents previously unseen material from the making of the award- winning books, including personal images, contact sheets and photographers’ recollections, documenting the unique stories from each book and the importance of this small but potent publishing house. It also features an installation of filmed interviews of photographers, writers, artists and friends, talking about what Trolley means to them.TROLLEYOLOGY brings together photographers including Nan Goldin, Alex Majoli, Stanley Greene, Paolo Pellegrin, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Tom Stoddart, Nina Berman, Thomas Dworzak, Alixandra Fazzina, Robin Maddock, and Jamie Morgan. It also includes contributions from other members of the Trolley family such as the artists Paul Fryer, Sarah Lucas, Polly Morgan, Mat Collishaw, Le Gun and writers Iphgenia Baal, Sean O Hagan, Julian Stallabrass and cultural historian Barry Miles. The book will have a foreword by Serpentine Gallery directors Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Trolley has never been a commercial venture, but instead has been committed to the integrity of the stories, usually touching on abuses of power and human rights, and producing the highest quality of books. Therefore in advance of the book’s release in Spring 2013, we are asking people to support Trolley and the publication of TROLLEYOLOGY by buying the book at a special price of £25 inc p&p within UK, and also having their name printed in the back of the book. TROLLEYOLOGY brings together the unorthodox vision and passion that has consumed Trolley Books over the past ten years and sets the bar unimaginably high for the next ten.