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TrolleyWed 21 Nov 2007 - Sun 09 Dec 2007
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Following on from a successful appearance at Parisphoto,Trolley Gallery presented a group show of photographers published or represented by Trolley.
Following on from a successful appearance at Parisphoto,Trolley Gallery presented a group show of photographers published or represented by Trolley.

In May 2007 Trolley Gallery held the first London solo show of the foremost photographer of the war in Viet Nam, Philip Jones Griffiths. President of Magnum for a record five years, his publication Viet Nam Inc was a crucial influence in changing public opinion in the US at the time of the conflict. Since then Jones Griffiths has continued to photograph the ongoing legacy of the war on the people and country he developed such respect for. In 2003 Trolley published Agent Orange - Collateral Damage in Viet Nam on the true effects of the highly toxic herbicide dropped by the US, which has had far-reaching effects on the future generations born to the Vietnamese civilians whose bodies and lands were showered at the time. This was followed in 2005 by Viet Nam at Peace. After the US left Griffiths was the first photographer to enter Saigon, and returned to photograph thirty years on. 'Philip Jones Griffiths is the one who showed us Viet Nam as a country, not a war.' John Pilger.

The exhibition at Trolley Gallery in May however featured much unseen work of images of Britain in the 1950s,60s and 70s. Here Jones Griffiths presents moments of unrest and social change much closer to home. From the Beatles in Liverpool to CND marches on the streets of London and burnt out cars in Northern Ireland, the exhibition 'Middle Years' has since travelled to Savignano Festival in Italy and to both Liverpool as part of the 'City of Culture' events and Mois de la Photographie, Paris. Trolley Books have now published these images in the book Recollections by Philip Jones Griffiths.

Nick Waplington is one of Britain's leading contemporary photographers. He is well known for depicting photographs of his friends and family, of places and events that he has witnessed first hand. His work Learn How To Die The Easy Way was part of the Venice Biennale in 2001, and was published by Trolley. In 2005 Trolley published You Love Life - photographs spanning 20 years of his work up to the present day. In December 2007 Waplington had a solo show at The Whitechapel gallery in London, entitled 'Double Dactyl', which featured new large format and digitally manipulated images as well as an installation of his work around the area of the gallery. This exhibition coincided with the new publication from Trolley, Double Dactyl, which was launched at The Whitechapel.

Alixandra Fazzina is a young British photographer, reporting on news stories and current affairs in Africa. From prisons in central Congo to the coast of Somalia following people smuggling, Alixandra is an exciting and talented photographer, capturing both beautiful and hard-hitting images which are internationally published. Her work on Africa is soon to be published by Trolley.
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