Trolley talk at BOP book fair in Bristol Sunday 24 October 14.00

Trolley is delighted to be taking part in BOP – Books on Photography – an annual festival bringing together a wide-ranging group of photobook publishers, booksellers and photographers from across Europe. Join us for the festival to meet and chat with many of the photographers and publishers behind some of the great photobooks, new and old. The festival is accompanied by a programme of artist talks, events, book signings, street food, coffee and beer. Trolley will be selling out of print and limited editions as well as recent publications.

On Sunday there will be a talk at the Royal Photographic Society on 'Trolley at 20' with Director Hannah Watson speaking with Trolley authors Adam Broomberg (Ghetto (2003), Mr Mkhize’s Portrait (2004), Scarti (2013) and Siân Davey (Looking For Alice (2015) and Martha (2018). The talk will be chaired by Fiona Rogers, trustee of Martin Parr Foundation, Head of Photography at Webber Represents and Gallery and founder of Firecracker grant and platform.

Hear how the humble beginnings of a trolley full of books has arrived at its twentieth anniversary. The highs and lows of publishing, and how you don’t have to be mad to be in publishing, but it helps.